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Marasulov Kamil Marasulovich Chairman of the Presidium of the ARBA

Our lawyers are specialists with extensive experience in defending the interests of clients in courts, conducting civil and criminal cases, legal advice for individuals and legal entities in all areas of law.

Our lawyers are professionals who possess a deep knowledge of law, provide qualified legal assistance to their clients, defend their legal interests in compliance with the norms of lawyer ethics and use legal methods of protection.

The basis for the work of our lawyers is a trusting relationship with the client, respect for lawyer’s secrets and an individual approach to each client who has applied for help. Our lawyers will analyze your situation and try to choose the best method for solving the tasks assigned to him.

In our college, you can get professional help from lawyers with extensive knowledge of the law in all branches of law.

Lawyers of ARBA in their professional activities are focused on providing high-quality legal services to individuals and legal entities, diligence and honesty with maximum confidence between lawyer and client, which are the basis for providing effective legal assistance and protecting the rights and interests of the client.

Turning to the lawyers of ARBA, you get professional legal advice, an experienced lawyer who will be able to defend your interests in both civil and criminal proceedings.